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                Beauty of Japanese

                2019-10-16 13:06


                Beauty of Japanese

                Art and Design From Rimpa and Ukiyo-e to Present Art

                One of the major features of Japanese Art is its decorativeness. The flow of Rimpa uses the abundance of nature as its motif, and the "decorative beauty" of gleamy gold and silver as well as the refined designs have been loved by people, crossing the border of painting and craftsmanship. The Ukiyo-e, too, has fascinated people since the Edo period. It skillfully employs expressions from all times and places. These expressions, abundant with a feeling for design that includes bold constructions and color schemes, did not fail to enchant the European Impressionists of the 19th century and enjoy a high degree of esteem even more so nowadays. Since the Meiji period, it has become common to distinguish between "art" and "design." Nevertheless, the decorativeness of Japanese Art has penetrated all kinds off genres and has been passed on to many contemporary artists and designers. This exhibition focuses on the decorativeness and designs that can be found in Japanese Art and presents its versatile beauty starting with Rimpa and Ukiyo-e, also displaying contemporary paintings and even posters.

                Period August 10 - October 20


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